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            Founded in May 2005, Sanming Fengrun Chemical Co., Ltd. is a private enterprise specializes in the production and sales of white carbon black. The company is situated in Huihua Industrial Park, Sanyuan District, Sanming City, and it covers an area of 205mu. At present, the company owns 4 white carbon black production lines, which was put into operation in 2011, and owns 2 water glass furnaces. The output of white carbon black is 100,000 tons/year, and water glass is 160,000 tons/year. It is the largest pharmaceutical carrier white carbon black manufacturer in China. 


            The company is always insisting on the quality policy of ‘exquisite production, safety and health, continuous improvement, customer top’. The company has achieved the ISO9001:2008 Quality Management System Certification; ISO22000: 2005 Food Safety Management System Certification and European Feed Additive & Mixed Feed Quality System Certification (FAMI-QS);  SGS Heavy Metal Testing; we have obtained industrial products production license, feed additive production license. Under the support of the staffs and all sectors of the society, the enterprise has developed rapidly in recent years. Sticking to the enterprise tenet of ‘total quality control, excellent quality, keep improving, customer satisfaction’, the company has met with great favor. 


            Insisting on the operation concept of ‘quality first, customer top’, we are strict with product quality, and our products have reached the HG/T3061-2009 standard; adhering to the spirit of factuality, innovation, exploitation, we are constantly developing new products for meeting the customer’s requirement on various white carbon black products. Our products include six series of white carbon black products for used in shoe, silicon rubber, tire, pharmaceutical carrier, feed and food; three series include powder, micro-pearl and particle. 75% of our products are used for domestic sales, 25% are used for export. The market share of our product in china occupies 10%, among which, white carbon black for use in pharmaceutical carrier occupies 60%; moreover, our products have been sold in Europe, South America, Southeast Asia, Hongkong, Taiwan and other countries and regions. 


            The company constantly insist on the principle of ‘solidarity and innovation, honest operation’, the company has developed rapidly in recent years. The company (including Yong’an Fengyuan Chemical Co., Ltd.) owns 545 employees, 57 of which are technicians (including 17 engineering technicians with junior or senior title), and 305 are skilled workers. In 2008, the sales revenue of the company was 210 million Yuan RMB, and the tax was 8.29 million Yuan RMB; in 2009, the sales revenue was 250 million Yuan RMB, the tax was 12 million Yuan RMB; in 2010, the sales revenue was 280 million Yuan RMB, and tax was 12.6 million Yuan RMB; in 2011, the company paid 14. 83 million Yuan RMB for taxation; in 2012, paid 13.14 million Yuan RMB for taxation. The company has successively evaluated as ‘large tax-payer in Sanming city’and ‘large enterprise earning foreign exchange through export in Sanming city’, and won ‘famous-brand product in Fujian province’, ‘famous brand in Fujian’.


            In next three years, the company is planning to formulate industrial standard for silicon dioxide used feed, food, pharmaceutical and other fields, to develop Halal certification, Kosher certification, and to improve product standard construction and system certification, so as to serve the more broader markets.  


           The company will be committed as always to the development of white carbon black products; laying stress on planning and extension of industrial chain; we strive for the bigger and stronger of silicon industry.

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